Bass Demons is a small record label, with big dreams

Bass Demons is a collective, started back in 2018 as a group of DJ’s in the genres of EDM and House music. Trough our years of experience we know it’s hard to make it into the music scene and that’s why we decided to create a safe place full of happiness. A place you can create and above that, enjoy the creative process of making music. A place without the troubles of promoting yourself and where you really can extend your knowledge and your career.

Because we are familiar in the scene we know what it takes to produce, mix, and master tracks for the Underground, mainstream, Festival and even the club scene.


We're here to make you sound like the best version of you!

We do our best to provide you with all the necessary features to release your track on time, in top quality and with great distribution rates.

We can help you with image creation services for your career as an artist and help you with promoting your work trough live sets online and offline.


A team who's got your back at all times

We’re always here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any help or support you require at any time of day, even after hours if needed. Even with the information and skills we have, we can’t know everything but even then we will help you find your answer. Trough our big list of connections and partners we can provide you almost 100% of the time with the answer you need.

Our Facebook

On our FaceBook page you can find a lot of news about our latest releases, performances and progression. We think it's important to share that our learning proces is just as hard as your self development. We will fall but get up and work.

Bass Demons mixes

Beside own productions and recordings we are music lovers till the end and beside creating we like supporting others. That's why we also mix and share music on our official MixCloud channel.

Our discord

The best part about music is sharing the feeling of greatness. Music is the only language we can all speak. That's why we started a small Discord Server to connect with our audience and people who likke to connect with each other.

Our Instagram

It's important to share our proces with our fans. Because we want to share our lessons and fun moments, we will share more of background footage and photo's/Video's you won't find at our Facebook

Bass Demons Radio

Every Friday at CET 11.00 Mike Raverz is live celebrating the start of the weekend with the biggest hits from then and now.Are you joining next time?


We are always looking for the next big artist as any other label but also artists who are still developing. If you make music and want to increase your ability and skills, we would love to hear from you! Join our discord or send us a e-mail with your track to:


- Please send downloadable links instead of files.
- Include the BPM & Key of your song, and your Instagram/socials
- We release all genres in the space of House music and more.

This is our most recent release